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In Australia, child care is a $12 billion industry and with many households having both mum and dad working full-time jobs to meet the standards of the rising cost of living, child care is in high demand. In Australia, there are currently more than 170,000 child care workers that are responsible for caring for around 1.6 million Australian children who are regular attendees of child care centres.

At child care centres, Australian Child Care Workers are responsible for feeding children their daily meals, taking them for toilet breaks, supervising their play, helping them to learn, reading to them and helping them establish core cognitive skills.
On a daily basis, a child care worker will:

  • Supervise the daily routines of children
  • Teach children hygiene and assist them with toilet breaks, including teaching them how to wash their hands correctly
  • Prepare carefully constructed social activities for children to develop their communication skills
  • Assist children with homework and other school related tasks to help their educational outcomes shine
  • Supervise children in the outside areas of the child care facility, such as on play equipment and in sandpits
  • Help fellow child care colleagues with the general maintenance of the facility, plus the preparation of games and activities,

It takes a special person to build a successful career in child care… not only must you love working with children, but you must be gifted at education, be patient and caring and excel with your interpersonal skills. Your daily experiences will involve dealing directly with not only children but also their parents, many of whom may be new to the day care system, so you’ll be helping them to establish a new routine. Many parents initially struggle to trust outsiders to care for their children, so building a strong and positive rapport with parents is imperative to your job. You’ll also need to excel at giving instructions to children; breaking down concepts and rules to them in a way that makes sense and is motivating. You’ll also need a lot of physical stamina… you’ll be on your feet all day, lifting children, running, playing and having lots of energy in general!

To become a child care worker in Australia, there are numerous training opportunities available that will facilitate your pathway into the industry. TAFE colleges, universities and adult education institutions across the country offer courses that will prepare you to be a child care worker (including the Diploma of  Early Childhood Education and Care; equipping you to take on basic roles of supervision and the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care; the place for new entrants wishing to enter the industry to start, and previous industry professionals to update their credentials).  Also available is the Certificate III in Education Support, which will qualify you to become a teacher’s aide or assistant to trained child care workers.

Australia’s population growth is higher than that of most of the developed world, so as more and more parents are required to work full time, so too will the demand for childcare services only continue to rise at a steady rate in the coming years. This is great news for anyone planning to build their career as a professional child care worker, as it means that your career may very well lead to new and exciting career opportunities down the road (such as jobs in Early Childhood or Pre School, teaching jobs and jobs in directing child care).

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