How Much Does a Childcare Worker Earn in Australia?

Are you contemplating a career in childcare but not quite sure how much you can earn? Researching your earning potential is fundamental and a huge factor when it comes deciding which career path you wish to embark upon. As with most occupations, salary comes down to your level of education, experience and of course, how good you are at your job.

There are also many contributing factors that can alter your income such as whether you work full time or part time, your actual role and even the state you live in.

The good news is, according to DOCs, in some states childcare workers are in short supply, especially for senior roles requiring a diploma.

Seek advises that the average salary for a childcare worker in Australia is between $44,000 and $45,000. Which equates to around $800 per week. This figure is based on a qualified full time employee, is before tax and does not include superannuation. A part time childcare worker can expect to earn around $614 per week.

Again, please keep in mind these figures are only averages and wages will vary according to which state you live in, your education level and you experience.

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