How to become a Childcare Worker FAQs

I want to study child care, where do I begin?

Wonderful, you have taken the first step to start your career in childcare, and finding out where to start is the first step. Read our article on about beginning your career as a childcare worker or teacher to giver you an over and get you started.

What qualifications do I need to be a childcare worker in Australia?

The basic qualification you will need to study is a Certificate III in Early Age Education and Care at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as Tafe which is a public institution or through a private establishment. You might also conciser studying through an Australian apprenticeship.

How much do childcare workers and assistants earn?

Salaries will differ greatly depending on your level of qualification and your experience. Once you have completed your Certificate III in Early Age Education and Care and are working in full time employment you can expect to earn around $21 to 25 per hour. For more details information click here.

Can I study Childcare via an apprenticeship?

Yes you can study to come a childcare worker through an Australian apprenticeship, click here to find out more.

Can I work in childcare without qualifications?

In some instances you may be able to gain a position in a childcare centre without a qualification, however the majority of places will at an absolute minimum require you to have a high school diploma. If you are keen to start a career in childcare straight away conciser applying for an apprenticeship.


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